The push for plastic alternatives is a big part of the global economy. There are several things that businesses must consider because they need to keep operating, but they also don’t want to do anything that will adversely affect the planet and the community. This is where the idea of “harmless plastic” has entered the conversation. Learning more about this alternative could change how you manage your business, and it could also impact your bottom line. You can read more here.

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A Solution for Harmless Plastic

A new push for harmless plastics has netted some interesting results. Hanwha Solutions' phthalate-free plasticizer known as Eco-DEHCH might allow manufacturers to create materials that is harmless to people and the planet. There are several solutions that have been banned in things like children’s toys because they can harm the body, even in low doses. Making the switch is good for everyone.

Microplastics Are Everywhere

The issue of microplastics is that they are the bits of older materials that simply never went away. They are everywhere, and solutions like those listed above could make the planet a little safer. You can learn more about it right here.

Going Green as a Business

If you want to go green as a business, start small. You can try reusable products that help your customers avoid harmful waste products. There are several things you can do like starting with recycled bags that make shopping easier. There are a lot of promotions you can do with those bags. Plus, you can turn those bags into a marketing tool that makes your business more visible in the community.