Groceries are brought to supermarkets in huge cardboard boxes. All these boxes are often disposed of when they can actually be recycled. ShopRite, a chain of supermarkets all over the United States contributes greatly to protection the environment by making sure a large percentage of these boxes are recycled.

The HART Meeting for ShopRite

The annual awards and meeting of HART, the transport management Agency of Hunterdon County, New Jersey enlightened all those who attended on some environmental issues and the use of eco-friendly promotional items.

The meeting also presents awards, elects officers and features expert speakers during its course. During the meeting cooperatives were also discussed, where the owners also share the liability, membership and profits of the company. This system enhances protection of the environment and the people of the county.

One such co-op called Wakefern Corp. has been recycling for over 4 decades. The store gives away produce that is over stocked apart from perishables. All this is given to local food banks as the outreach program of the company towards the local community.

The Executive Director of HART, Tara Shepherd went over some of 2011's activities that contributed greatly to sustainable development. Last year, ShopRite stores recycled 19,500 tons of cardboard.

Apart from all the recycling, the stores also recycled plastic bags, magazines, newspapers, office paper, plastic wrap and circulars. These great environmental initiatives don't only save the environment but also the company's money as it is not exactly cheap to dispose waste.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Items Encouraged by the County at Shoprite

The stores are known for their promotion of reusable and recycled shopping bags. These bags are given to customers instead of plastic bags and people who carry their own reusable bags get credits.

Tractors that are used to pull trailers into warehouses are being fitted with engines that are extremely fuel efficient. The engines are also fitted with anti-idling devices that automatically turn them off if they are standing unused for certain periods of time.

The companies in the county understand that hauling food and other items from warehouses to the grocery stores required a lot of energy. The trailers are made using stronger materials that weigh less than older ones. The tires that these trailers comprise off also roll with much more ease. The air pressures of the tires are checked frequently to ensure they are optimum.