The Charleston County Aviation Authority has always been greatly inclined to playing a big role when it comes to protecting the environment. As a part of symbolizing America Recycles Day, Charleston Airport offered all their passengers and employees reusable shopping bags. These were distributed for a limited period of time and were free of cost.

Celebrating 'America Recycles Day' with Promotional Reusable Bags

America Recycles Day is a nationally recognized event that has been dedicated to promote and encourage the idea of recycling throughout the country. There are various events held throughout the country on this day. Such events educate citizens and inspire them to work together so that they may increase recycling in their own communities. Taking on this responsibility, Charleston County Aviation Authority will be handing out reusable bags between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. as a part of their recognition towards this day. The bags will be distributed for free in the airport's atrium at the information table. Passengers and employees were invited to pick up these bags while supplies lasted. The chief motive behind this gesture is to promote the concept of protecting our environment.

The Aviation Authority of Charleston County is dedicated to do its part in protecting the environment. It provides special containers for disposing cans, paper, glass and plastic all over the airport for the purpose of recycling. In addition to these measures to create awareness and assist the public in recycling, the aviation authority also has a recycling procedure for its fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, oil and tires. The airport also makes use of LED lighting on the airfield and also with airplane signage so that they save on energy usage. In 2009, the aviation agency has also launched an official recycling program. Through this program more than a hundred tons of different material has been collected to be recycled. The aviation authority has clearly done a lot to play its part in protecting the environment throughout the year.

Promoting the Use of Promotional Reusable Bags

The efforts that are made in the Charleston airport are a great example of how even an aviation authority can do its part to create awareness in the public about the importance of using eco-friendly products. It is a great help to make people aware of the small eco-friendly differences that they can adopt in their everyday life. Even the smallest changes such as dropping different waste in specific bins can go a long way.

Every big movement starts off with a small step. Giving out promotional reusable bags by an airport authority can be the perfect starting point to create recycling awareness in the public.