Keeping in mind the alarming issue of waste disposal, the Publix Super Markets have decided to help out the authorities at the Charleston County with their recycling activities. This collaboration is supposed to start its activities from the end of December, 2012. According to experts, the Publix Markets will help the county in recycling waste materials into organic or compost waste.

Recycling Waste into Compost in Charleston County

According to experts, this initiative is a unique addition to the county's previous efforts. Once the initiative is officially launched, the Bees Ferry Landfill Compost Facility, the recycling unit belonging to the county's officials, will receive floral waste from the Publix stores. At present, around five of the stores will send their produce or floral waste to this facility.

After the recycling center receives the waste material from all the five Publix markets, it will start processing it to turn it into compost. The waste materials will be mixed along with the yard waste that is available at the center. The combination of these materials will yield compost that is rich in nutrients. The Bees Ferry Landfill Compost Facility officials are even planning on marketing and selling this compost among the residents of the county.

Charleston County Encouraging Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

According to the Environmental Management Department at the county, the officials are very excited about this recycling initiative. As a matter of fact, they want more residents and organizations to collaborate and promote eco friendly promotional items. This initiative, in particular, will help the agricultural society within the county. According to Colleen Condon, a member of the Charleston County City Council, the officials are hoping that more supermarkets will join the composting initiative. If businesses can divert their waste materials toward recycling centers, the city council will save up on disposing costs, and the businesses will benefit as well. This program alone will help the county achieve at least 40 percent of its recycling goals, and in time the county will reach its maximum recycling potential as well, added Colleen.

According to the Media and Communications Manager for Publix, Brenda Reid, the collaboration between Publix and the Charleston County officials is a beneficial situation for both the parties. To expand this recycling program among other businesses, the county has given Publix the right to reduce its disposal costs and increase the recycling rates in its local stores as well. So the company will be able to manage its waste better, and the county officials will be able to reduce the waste burden on the landfills.