Reusable Cheap Tote Bags Wholesale Save the Environment

A great way to save the environment is to use reusable tote bags. There are even cheap tote bags wholesale that you can purchase.

There are several reasons why it is great to use reusable tote bags.

1. You do not have a lot of plastic bags cluttering up the area under your sink.
2. Being made of petroleum oil they take harm the environment.
3. It takes 15 to 1000 years for plastic bags to decompose.
4. They are rarely recycled ending up in landfills and the ocean.
5. It takes around 12 million barrels of petroleum oil to make 100 billion plastic bags.
6. The petroleum oil that is used to make 14 of the plastic bags can be used in a car to drive one mile.

When plastic bags were first used they seemed like a great idea over the paper bags. By using plastic a lot of trees were saved. Petroleum was in great supply so plastic bags were took the place of paper bags.

Petroleum oil which is used in the production of gasoline is rising in cost. Gasoline is needed in order to make our cars run getting us to wherever we need to go. When we realize that what it takes to make 14 plastic bags will enable us to drive our car one mile, it gives us a different perspective on using the plastic bags. The fewer plastic bags that we use the more petroleum oil we have with which to make fuel for our cars.

Plastic bags also do not usually make it into the recycle bins. Instead they are thrown into the trash can. They end up cluttering up landfills. Birds end up dying when they try to digest these plastic bags. The ocean even has a giant garbage heap that is made of plastic bags floating in it. Of all the debris that floats ashore 10 percent are plastic bags.

Help Reduce Plastic Waste by Using Cheap Tote Bags Wholesale

When you look at what plastic bags are made of and how bad they are for our environment it only makes sense to use reusable tote bags. These tote bags are durable made of material that will not harm the environment.

If more people used the tote bags petroleum oil would not be in such great demand. Then maybe the price for the oil would go down causing gas prices to drop. Then we would have more money to buy more things to put in the tote bags.