A recycling program has been initiated at Cheshire. As a part of this program, an automated truck will collect recycling containers from households on a bi-weekly basis. Solid waste will, however, continue to be collected every week.

The Recycling Program

The recycling containers are to be distributed to all households in the town. Pamphlets, bearing information about the program, will also be given out to each house; citizens can also read about the program from the the town's website.

The containers are designed to hold recyclables for almost two weeks. Containers come with lids so that materials are not blown away. An RFID card is placed on each of the dark green recycling containers for identification purposes.

Materials that can be recycled are simply thrown into the containers without bothering to arrange, fold, crush, or bundle them. The containers have wheels so that they can be easily transported to the curb for material collection.

Containers of 96 gallon and 64 gallon capacities are to be given out. The program aims to increase recyclables and decrease solid waste in land fills.

To spread awareness about the recycling program, the town will adopt the “Code Red” system which is a reverse calling mechanism used to contact town residents during crisis. Cheshire has decided to resort to single stream recycling to minimize the amount of trash sent out to the Wallingford waste burning plant.

Producing a Recycling Program With Students' Support

Students at the Cheshire High School have teamed up with town officials to address the town's environmental issues. Michael Milone, the Town Manager, is pleased with the enthusiasm shown by the students.

Milone is supporting the student recycling group which is arranging an educational campaign to show town residents how the recycling program works. The automated recycling program is due to start late November; meanwhile the residents are being educated on how to make best use of the distributed recycling containers.

The students are explaining the mechanism of composting to cafeteria staff and educating them on saving the right kind of food scraps. A video is also being created by the students to upload it on the town's website. Methods on energy conservation are also being explored at Cheshire's Energy Audit Committee.

The school's boiler system and lighting systems are investigated to arrive at energy- friendly alternatives. Best use of the recyclables is also being explored to create useful eco friendly promotional items.

Source: http://nhregister.com/articles/2012/11/08/news/metro/doc509c73d8cb610954827014.txt