If we want to protect our planet, there must be a conjoined global effort to take care of the environment. Children have been known to cause utility costs to rise by leaving lights on in their rooms when they're gone and taking long showers, or baths. If you're dedicated to saving the environment, then why not get your children on board the eco-friendly bandwagon? There are tons of ways to get your kids started on doing their part in helping keep our planet clean. Teaching them at a young age about the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling will benefit the earth and help you save money. Also, it may even make you and your family happier and healthier!

Make Going Green a Family Affair

Little Tikes Company has made the “Go Green! Playhouse” which helps teach children ways they can help the environment. There's no better place to get your kids started on going green than right in your own backyard! This “Go Green! Playhouse” includes several educational pieces attached to the house like a flower garden, water reservoir, solar light, a working sink, plus a whole lot more! Your children will have endless hours of imaginative eco-friendly play in their new, educational outdoor playhouse.

This playhouse helps educate children about the significance of going green and how it benefits the environment. Children love to play in the water, but they don't understand the importance of water conservation. Your children could be taught the value of conservation in their playhouse, which then teaches them to limit the amount of water they use inside. The readily available recycling bins show them that certain items should be recycled, instead of being put in the trash. Having them see how solar energy works inside their playhouse will help teach them to limit the amount of electricity they use. The gardening area on the playhouse could help you teach children how gardening could be fun.

Going Green Helps Build Healthy Lifelong Habits

Teaching your children about going green will help make your home healthier and more cost efficient, along with encouraging lifelong habits. Letting your kids know how their green habits will help save the planet will encourage them to be environmentally friendly even outside their playhouse. By maintaining a healthy and environmentally safe living environment, you and your family are helping to preserve and better our planet for future generations.

Find out more about the "Go Green! Playhouse" at https://www.littletikes.com/products/go-green-playhouse?_pos=2&_psq=go%20gre&_ss=e&_v=1.0