Choosing the appropriate image for your reusable totes is very important because you want to make the best impression when you sell them or give them away to customers. Your reusable totes are the best form of passive marketing that you will find. It is much easier to get results when you choose the appropriate images.

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How to Choose Images for Reusable Totes

Choosing images for reusable totes all comes down to your logo, the colors, and any artwork you want to add. Companies that brew beer, sell wine, or work in a particular industry can use images from that industry on their totes. For example, a farmer's market can use a sweeping image of a rolling hill or valley. Wineries can use pictures of vineyards. Companies with strong colors in their logos can use the colors from the logo.

How to Use Your Logo

When you want to add your logo to these totes, you need to consider where it will go. Some totes need a centered logo, but some totes need extra space because the script from the logo falls outside the logo image. You can choose different sizes and styles to make sure your logo fits.

In some cases, you can have the logo wrap all the way around the bag.

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