The Christmas season is a difficult time of year for everyone. No matter how much cheer you can spark in your home, there’s a lot going on. Sometimes, you might feel like less is more. This is not only true, but it’s a good way to live going forward. You can learn about a more minimalistic holiday season here.

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A Minimalistic Christmas

Surveys across the globe have found that around a third of people are interested in being more sustainable over the holidays. While many people don’t know where to start, it helps to think of being a minimalist. As part of your minimalist holiday season, you can try:

  • Buying independent and local
  • Buying used, antique, or pre-owned items
  • Not stocking up

Don’t Stock Up This Christmas

If you’re shopping for the holiday season, there’s no reason to stock up. Yes, the supply chain crisis has hit everyone in one way or another. However, there is no need to buy in bulk. Not only will you have storage issues around your house, but many of these things will never get used. Cutting back on consumption means buying what you need—not what you think you might use in the future.

Singular Gift-Giving

Singular gift-giving is a great way to cut back on spending and consumption over the holidays. You can start a new tradition where everyone in the family gives one gift to each other. You can have a lovely gift exchange that isn’t wasteful. Plus, you might unveil one big gift for the family. Simple. Affordable. Fun. This is a good way to start a new Christmas tradition. You can learn more here.

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