While most of the US lumbers under the load of waste material, the city of Rochester has found a very innovative way to not only recycle waste but also get rid of the ash from burnt waste. The ash derived from burnt waste is the main component of landfills. After 19 years of experimentation with recycled plastic and mineral ash, Envirolastech has finally found a revolutionary way to recycle ash.

Envirolastech's Eco-Friendly Activities in Rochester

Envirolastech have found a building material that they call “better lumber.” With this, they have not only been able to produce wood-like material for buildings, but also a wide range of eco friendly promotional items for construction – like landscape blocks and railroad ties. They have already developed more than 30 products and strive to increase the number further. They have a plan of pulling off an entire construction out of these recycled items as soon as they have enough recycled waste. And this is not just an empty promise. They have tested their material and have found it to be stronger than wood. Besides, these materials don't have the weaknesses that wood does – like being prone to mold, or termite invasions. They also don't fade easily – a quality you won't find in wood.

These results have been established after extensive testing for 10 years. When they accomplish this dream of theirs, Envirolastech will become the last spoke in the closed loop salvage wheel. They are also planning to set up a production plant right next to the Rochester city's incinerator. The incinerator converts the city's waste to energy by burning them and produces the ash that is one of the raw materials for Envirolastech's production. Setting up a plant near the incinerator would enable them to produce more marketable construction products. Their success would make Rochester city the first place where everything gets completely recycled and nothing is thrown away.

Eco Friendly Promotional Items – Solution to Waste Problems in Rochester

Promoting eco friendly items can prove to be a simple yet sturdy solution for waste management. By the simple introduction of a mandate for composting, a city council can reduce waste by almost fifty per cent. Product packaging is another main source of wastes. Using eco friendly promotional items for packaging or using biodegradable packages can prove to be an effective prevention for creating waste. There are some items which we simply cannot reuse, and have to throw away. For such items, it is best to use biodegradable or recyclable material so that they decay away or can be recycled after being disposed.

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