Clearwater Systems, which designed the water treatment solution named Dolphin WaterCare, will be showcasing it's latest water conversation system at the Greenbuild International Conference Expo this year. This expo is an amazing forum for all manufacturers to showcase their eco-friendly products as well as services. So, the company has decided to promote its water treatment system at this expo and has also taken up the initiative to support this event by becoming a silver-level sponsor.

Clearwater Systems - Marketers for Eco-Friendly Businesses

Clearwater Systems is among the few companies that are concerned about the environmental degradation that is taking place at present. For the last 10 years, this company has been making efforts to try and help out architects as well as engineers in designing eco-friendly projects so that they can acquire a LEED certification. Till date, this company has worked on around 350 projects, comprising of present buildings as well as those under construction, and has helped all of them in getting a LEED certification.

Clearwater Systems to Promote Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

Clearwater Systems has come up with an interesting water treatment method, HVAC, for this year's Expo. According to the CEO of the company, Anupam Bhargava, this treatment system is extremely beneficial and will help reduce the corporate environmental footprint. The water consumption at general commercial spaces is progressively increasing at a steady rate. At present, in the US, approximately 4.9 million corporate and commercial buildings use around 10 billion gallons of water everyday. This water consumption can be compared to the water flowing over Niagara falls every four hours. So, undoubtedly, commercial spaces in the US need to regulate their water usage systems  to reduce their environmental footprint.

The water system, HVAC, will help improve the water usage efficiency within commercial spaces. It is designed to reduce drinkable water usage as well as used water discharge. It will also help reduce the corrosion scales and control the levels of bacteria within the water. If commercial spaces use this system, they can acquire a LEED certification with ease and can cut down their operational expenses as well.

This product will be serviced regularly by officials at Clearwater Systems, so consumers don't need to be worried about it's maintenance. Additionally, Clearwater Systems is a member of the Green Building Council, US, since the year 2001, and has been producing eco friendly promotional items for years now, so consumers can rest assured of their quality standards.