In an attempt to increase the recycling rates within the city, and to increase the circulation of custom recycled shopping bags in the region, the authorities have taken the decision to add an educational component to the Columbus recycling center. The recycling center of the city covers an area of 54,000 square feet and it is located close to Schatulga Road. This center is expected to have regular meetings where the residents will be allowed to learn about the recycling process at the center. The authorities at the center will also construct a classroom in their area to brief the residents about various sustainable measures available to them.

The Need for an Recycling Center

According to the Director of the Public Works Department of the city, Pat Biegler, the educational component will have a drastic impact on the mindsets of the residents and it will urge them to participate in the recycling initiatives conducted by the city. He stated that through the classrooms, the Public Works Department will be able to brief the residents in an organized way, so they will have no problems in disposing their waste.

The educational wing at the center will be sponsored by the government of the region as well as a private contractor. But in return of the sponsorship, the private contractor will sell all the products recycled at the center.

In addition to introducing the educational component, the authorities at the center are also going to better the technological equipment at the center. At present, workers separate the waste at the center, but after the new system is installed, a conveyor belt will help segregate the waste. So the recycling process will be more accurate, and it will take place faster as well.

Promoting of Custom Recycled Shopping Bags and Recycling Center

The officials at the recycling center are trying their best to promote all types of eco-friendly product being recycled at the center. So they are going to ensure that the residents are educated about a variety of eco-friendly products. This will help in promoting the use of eco-friendly items like custom recycled shopping bags. In addition to this, the educational wing of the center will be constructed in an eco-friendly manner as well, and the officials are going to try and get a LEED certification for it. At present, the construction plan of the improved recycling plant is still in progress, and the officials are expecting it to be ready by the end of 2013.