Companies and consumers alike are becoming more environmentally conscious, and they are always looking for innovative and trendy ways to eliminate wasteful and harmful products. Companies and other groups seeking to promote their green image and brand will be well served by custom recycled tote bags.

Consumers want products that are as eco-friendly as possible. A recycled bag that can eliminate the need for a plastic grocery store bag is a great answer. Traditional plastic grocery store bags wreak havoc on the environment from start to finish. They produce toxic waste during the manufacturing process, and they take decades to break down once discarded. As they are breaking down, they release harmful fumes into the air and block waterways. When they do finally breakdown, the chemicals that they were made from still are in the environment. The recycled tote bag is as green as it gets - they are made from recycled water bottles and other landfill clogging waste. So not only can the consumer prevent more of the traditional plastic grocery bags from ended up in the landfill, they can staunch the flow of other plastics into the garbage dump as well.

In some cases, consumers simply are self-motivated to go green and reach for a reusable bag. In other cases, such as in Los Angeles and Toronto, the traditional plastic grocery shopping bag has been banned. A tote bag is no longer a choice, but a must, and it would seem that other municipalities are poised to follow suit. By a company providing a consumer with its custom designed bag, the consumer has an opportunity to show their brand loyalty and commitment to the environment.

Custom recycled tote bags provide an excellent advertising opportunity. It is a moving billboard for your company's commitment to sustainability. The bags come in a variety of colors, sizes and materials, and they can be customized to best showcase your company's logo. In addition, the bags themselves can be recycled if need be and are manufactured without producing any toxic greenhouse gases. Each bag is built to withstand up to two years of wear and tear.