Consider a corn lanyard for your next promotional event or company giveaway. Using a corn lanyard is a forward-thinking solution to the serious plastic pollution problem that is a huge issue in the United States today. Every corn lanyard produces sixty five percent less greenhouse gasses during their production, and are also compostable and biodegradable. Corn is a renewable, easy to grow natural resource that provides a great material that is significantly less harmful to the environmental than conventional nylon or polyester, with the quality of the product being arguably better in terms of quality and durability, meaning that the corn lanyard can be used over and over until it is worn out and then can be composted.

Show off Your Eco-Friendly Company with a Corn Lanyard

The imprint area of each corn lanyard is unlimited, meaning that your company logo or slogan can encompass its entire surface area and we can use any PMS color that you desire to ensure that the product matches your vision. Every corn lanyard is adjustable meaning that you can choose your own length, with shorter options for children and larger for adults. There is also a range of premium attachment options to choose from depending on what you think would make your clients the happiest. Making the decision to choose corn-based products over environmentally hazardous alternatives also helps lessen our country's reliance on foreign oil and promotes the already huge corn industry. We manufacture the corn lanyards with our buyers in mind ensuring that you can buy them for the lowest price possible. Contact Custom Earth Promos directly for a quote, and make sure that you get a sample before purchase so you can see for yourself how exceptional our product is.