When you want to order COVID supplies for your staff, you can do a bit more than protect against the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19. You can get protective gear that helps your staff work every day in a safe environment. Use the tips below to ensure that your team can operate safely, and order a large battery of equipment that you would expect to use if you were on the job.

Custom Earth Promos has all the COVID supplies you need, and you can place an order today.

Start with Masks

Everyone needs a face mask. That is a boilerplate issue that should not be discussed. When you ask your employees to clean old apartments, empty office buildings, and clean out old houses for remodeling, they need face masks. If employees go into customer homes, they need face masks. If you have salesmen who must meet clients, they need a face mask. You can take a look at FDA-approved masks like the KN95 or traditional surgical style, and there are cotton or canvas masks you might also like.

You Need Gloves

Everyone should have gloves that they can wear when they enter a customer's home, touch products that will leave the warehouse, or when they must be out in public opening doors and handling merchandise. You can order latex or nitrile gloves for everyone, and they can even disinfect these gloves during the day.

Add More to the Uniform

When you are ready to place an order, you can contact our team at Custom Earth Promos today. You can add gowns, goggles, face shields, hand sanitizers, and much much more. We will help you customize your products where possible, and you can create a custom protective uniform for your staff.