When you want to build a custom bag for your business, you need to think about the size you will use. Yes, we have covered things like the size that is appropriate for the items that you sell. You need something that is easy to use. At the same time, you need to make an impression on your customers. Read more to learn about the philosophy of custom sized bags.

At Custom Earth Promos, we are here to help you add your design and personal touches to each custom bag order.

How Big Should The Custom Bag Be?

When you look around at big department stores and retailers, you will notice that some of their shopping bags are very large. Why would you offer a big shopping bag when your products are not large? You should do this because your logo and design is easy to read.

The big bag also makes your business look like it has a level of luxury and sophistication that other companies do not. Americans have spent decades watching people like Audrey Hepburn shop in movies and TV shows. As these actresses skip across the screen with a big shopping bag, we all have come to associate these bags with luxury and class.

Should You Carry More Than One Bag?

While the “big bag” is a good custom bag to use, you might need more than one size. When you build a custom bag that is a medium size and a small size, you will mirror the lineup of a luxury department store that shall remain nameless. You get all these things with the custom touches that Custom Earth Promos can provide, and we make sure that you can order different fabrics, colors, and styles. Reach out to us today for help with your custom bag order.