Custom bags that have been designed just for your business last a long time. The best materials made from recycled products are strong, durable, and easy to use. We offer full-color printing on these bags, and we make it so that these bags catch the attention of customers for years to come.

At Custom Earth Promos, we can help you put together an order and design plan for recycled and reusable bags today.

Why Switch To Custom Bags?

All those plastic bags you have been using go in landfills and often do not get recycled. Cities are banning plastic bags. You want to be ahead of the curve, and you will see your bags everywhere. Their beauty lasts, and our construction is second-to-none.

We Make Better Handles

We know that a lot of our customers have not looked closely. At Custom Earth Promos, we make X-stitched handles that will stick to any bag. You can inspect our bags to see how well they have been designed. Our team takes construction seriously. Our catalog has several styles and sizes, and the printing is very durable.

Full-Color Printing Lasts Longer

Full-color printing lasts longer than the generic bags you have bought in the past. Because we offer full-color printing, the bags will retain their color and style. This means that your bags will maintain their marketing advantage for many years. Business owners will see bags from years ago around town. Your customers remember you. Customers prefer shopping with you because you gave them a bag to use on every trip.

Shoppers always want to get value from each purchase. This is why you must invest in full-color printed, reusable bags. We make your marketing dollars go a long way, and you can see that as your bags remain in the community for years at a time.