Custom Earth offers a wide variety of customized eco-friendly products to suit the needs of any green consumer. In addition to a vast selection of reusable shopping bags and water bottles they also offer products not always available through other similar sites. They offer a variety of customized products to consumers without the extra cost of going through a middle man. Their commitment to green motivates them to offer green products to companies at affordable prices to make it cheap and easy to make your business eco-friendly.

Their custom jute bags are one of the best deals available on their site. If you're scratching your head when you hear the word “jute” it's possible you're new to eco-friendly products or are simply used to the traditional cotton or recycled plastic bags available on most sites. Jute is a type of plant that is easy to maintain and very eco-friendly. Jute bags are made from the outer skin of the plant.
You've probably seen jute bags listed on other sites. The bags from Custom Earth differ from bags offered by other companies. Custom earth offers jute bags that can be emblazoned with your company logo to help promote the green image of your business. These bags come in 18 different styles so you are sure to find one to suit the specific needs of your company. Each of the designs come in a diverse selection of colors allowing you to match the bag with your company's colors.
The custom jute bags offered by Custom Earth sell for as little as $0.79 depending on the style and quantity that you desire. This allows you to offer an eco-friendly shopping bag to your customers at no cost to you.

Not only will you be promoting your business and saving money, but of course you'll be helping to save the earth as well. For each bag that you distribute you will be preventing hundreds of plastic bags from being thrown in landfills each year or another tree from being chopped down to be turned into someone's paper grocery bag.
Custom Earth's jute bags and totes are clearly the right choice for the Earth, your wallet and for your company.