The original iPad was released on April 3rd, 2010. Since then many more generations of the tablet have been released all with increased features like screen size, internal processing chips, and availability of colors. The launch of the iPad sent competitors like Samsung, HP, and a number of other tech companies scrambling to get in on the tablet craze. Now, tablets are everywhere and are available on both Android and iOS platforms. They all feature a virtual keyboard, and some even have the ability to use cellular connectivity so that you can use your tablet anywhere where you can receive cell reception. They can play music, take pictures and videos, have preinstalled and for purchase games, and come in a wide variety of storage capacities. Tablets have become popular for not only personal, but business use, and many businesses distribute them to their employees, and some small business incorporate them into their store front, using them as makeshift cash registers and customer interfaces.

Hand out Custom Eco Pen with Stylus at Your next Trade Show!

One exciting product that Custom Earth Promos offers is a custom pen with stylus. It uses simple plunger action to switch between the pen and the stylus feature, and acts as a pen when pressed down and a stylus when retracted. This makes it the perfect accessory for tablet users as they can carry it in their pockets and can seamlessly go between jotting notes on paper to surfing their tablets and using their writing capabilities. These pens come with a recycled paper barrel body, and can be imprinted with any logo to use as a great promotional item that people are sure to enjoy and get considerable use out of.