Your restaurant, hot dog stand, ice cream kiosk, or high-class bistro needs something to give away to guests. One of the best things you can choose is a giveaway tumbler. When your business have a special cup to sell to guests, they keep coming back. Learn about all your options as you read further.

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The Giveaway Tumbler is Convenient

When you want to give your customers something special, you can use the giveaway tumbler. This is a perfect item to sell just because guests want to walk away with a souvenir. Regulars will use the tumbler because they like having branded cups to use when they visit. Tourists will buy so they have something to take home. At the same time, you can create specials and deals with these cups.

How to Create a Tumbler Deal

Businesses that want to offer a giveaway tumbler should also include a deal for the tumbler. This means that guests get a discount for using the cup. You can offer unlimited refills, drink specials, or a discount on a meal. The sale value depends on you. It is all about what you think makes sense.

Decorate the Tumbler Your Way

You can decorate the giveaway tumbler in any way that you want. Make sure that you choose your logo or a design that makes the cup look nice. You can also match the design specifically to the color of the cup.

When you visit Custom Earth Promos, you can build the tumbler that you need for your business. Your guests will love the design, and they can buy these cups every time they visit. Plus, we can help you add the proper wording so that your tumbler deal is easy for customers to enjoy.