Martinez City Council has agreed to purchase 2,000 reusable plastic bags as part of their campaign against single-use plastic or paper bags. These bags are of an extremely high quality and made out of 100 percent recycled plastic. The City Council aims at promoting the ban on plastic bags and encouraging people to use these multiuse shopping bags.

City Preps up for the Ban by Using Custom Made Bags

With the ban on plastic bags fast approaching, the Martinez City Council hopes to spread awareness about the benefits of multiuse bags. The amount of plastic that will be used after the ban is imposed will reduce drastically, helping Martinez reduce its pollution and littering problems. The “bottle bag”, as it is commonly known, is made out of recycled plastic bottle content and provides shoppers with a sturdy, high-quality option to carry their shopping in. These bags can also be put into washing machines whenever the owner wishes and can withstand a number of washes without compromising its quality.

At no charge to the public, this bag offers the residents of Martinez a real chance to make a difference to their community. For those who are very particular about the style of the bag they use, they needn't worry as this bag has a unique graphic design on one side and educational information on the other. Designed by the students of The New Leaf Sustainable Living Collaborative as part of a contest worth $350 in scholarship funding, this is a great way to promote environmental awareness among the youth as well.

Shopping with Custom Made Bags

A plastic shopping bag can take anywhere between 15 to 1,000 years to decompose. Imagine how many years it would take if single-use plastic bags were still being distributed in Martinez. On average, a high-quality reusable bag will have a lifespan of several hundred single-use plastic bags. Shopping with custom made bags will help all aspects of the environment by reducing the amount of single-use plastic bags that are being consumed.

Plastic bags are often dumped in landfills where they pollute the groundwater as well as release a high amount of atmospheric pollution. Use reusable bags to help make a difference to your living community.