This summer I have had the opportunity to get back into cycling, and now use my bike more than my car to get around. Not only is it significantly better for the environment and dramatically cuts down on my carbon footprint, but it has helped me lose weight and get in better shape than I had been before. I plug my headphones in and hop on my bike and can go wherever I want. Many cities include bike lanes now to make it friendlier for cyclists to ride instead of using public transit or cars. One problem that I encounter as a cyclist is the need to hydrate myself, especially in the warm summer months. Using a regular water bottle I can never seem to multitask and get the water in my mouth from the open lid while I'm riding. Cycle and Sports Bottles are an easy solution to this problem, as many bikes have holders specifically for sport water bottles that are easy to grab when you're riding.

Bring Your Cycle and Sports Bottle next Time You Go Outdoors

At Custom Earth Promos, we offer a wide variety of custom cycle and sports bottles, available in a variety of colors, and are manufactured from recycled PET, a strong, lightweight material that is resistant to breaking and sure to be a great companion when you're riding. Even at the gym or when running outside, the design of the mouth of the bottle makes it easy to get the water in your mouth instead of all over your clothes. Custom cycle and sports bottles are great for individuals, or to give out at your next promotional event, as they are customizable and offer plenty of space to advertise your business' logo. Consider a custom cycle and sports bottle, and make a statement about your commitment to the environment while also promoting and helping you maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.