The residents of Dearborn had an opportunity to dispose their old computer systems at an event organized by Goodwill retail store. The retail store owners collected various computer parts at this event and sent them to recycling centers, where they were put up for sale. The organizers of the event felt that people don't dispose their electronic waste at regular intervals, so they decided to organize this event in order to make the recycling process simpler for the residents.

The Details of the Custom Printed Tote Bags Event

The organizers of the event started collecting electronic items from 8 in the morning till noon on Earth Day. The organizers collected items such as printers, mouse devices, monitors, CPUs, fax machines, copiers, and scanners from the residents. The organizers partnered with Dell computers in order to recycle these electronic items, and once the event was over, the organizers transported all the items to the Dell service center.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Goodwill Industries, the money collected during the event will be used for the training program of the company. He feels that more companies should organize recycling events in order to promote eco-friendly behavior among the residents. He stated that Earth Day was an ideal opportunity for various companies to promote eco-friendly products such as custom printed tote bags, organic food, and recycling. The Chief Executive Officer is happy that Goodwill retailers organized an event to propagate the message of sustainable lifestyles on Earth Day.

The Advantages of Using Custom Printed Tote Bags

According to the volunteers of the event, people should adopt eco-friendly habits in their daily lifestyle. They feel that along with waste recycling, people should pay attention to recycling all the other products in their households as well. According to one of the volunteers, reusable bags are a good example of how residents can recycle their waste products into usable commodities. People can use their old clothing items, bed sheets, or even blankets to make reusable bags and these bags can be used for various purposes. The volunteer feels that people should adopt similar approaches with regard to other commodities as well, and they should reuse their recyclables as much as possible.

Keeping in mind the importance of recycling, the volunteers at the event educated the residents about various recycling initiatives within the city. They also awarded all the residents who attended the event with Goodwill coupons worth $10 and $25 to encourage recycling among them.