The Texas Department of Transportation is trying to assist drivers to drive safe and green, through their user-friendly mobile app called Roadcents. Using this app, drivers can also reduce a lot of travel expenses with reduced fuel usage. This app can be downloaded from the Drive Clean Texas website.

Texas Has Eco-Friendly Tips for Driving Safe and Green

People who use automobiles are aware that apart from spending money on buying a vehicle, a substantial amount is also spent on it during its life to maintain it and to fuel it. A well-maintained vehicle means reduced usage of fuel and lesser chances of breakdowns. So apart from using eco-friendly promotional items offered by various green companies for a greener world, drivers can also use this app to keep a track of the vehicle's maintenance and tuning schedule too.

While giving a demonstration of the app earlier in the month, the TxDOT showed Texan drivers how they download the app from, environmental-conscious driving tips, money-saving tips, how the app can be used to keep a tab on the vehicle's condition (repair and maintenance) and how they can easily find service stations. These are some of the basic features of the app; it also offers a few more services.

Margo Richards, director of the travel information of the Texas Department of Transportation has stressed how beneficial this free-of-cost app is to have a smoothly functioning car. Users have reported that they have saved a lot of money and gas at pumps while also seeing reduced tailpipe emissions. The other benefit of having this app is that drivers no longer have to worry about getting into an accident due to malfunctioning vehicles, thus boosting road safety to a large extent.

With this move, Texas has taken another step to reduce wastage of precious and dwindling energy sources by proving a very user-friendly way to its drivers. The drivers save a lot of time and money, the roads are safer, the air is less polluted and this app can be used at anytime, anywhere. A perfect solution for many road-related problems!

Drive Safe and Green Encouraged onto Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

Many states in the US have implemented rules to cut down usage of harmful pollutants such as plastics and have instead encouraged people to use eco-friendly measures such as using reusable and recyclable bags, conducted tree planting drives, created awareness programs for the citizens to take up rainwater harvesting and maintaining an efficient waste management. Many states have also awarded people as well as organizations who make substantial contribution to the society by adopting green measures. The government in several states has joined hands with various departments to come up with more ideas from which the citizens and the environment can benefit.