It seems like until recently, parents always packed their children's lunches in brown paper sacks, which were synonymous with getting on the bus in the morning, holding a juice box, sandwich in cellophane wrap, a desert, and a bag of pretzels or chips, and the classic apple. Now stores market bento boxes as must have for a child's balanced, nutritious lunch. While that may be extreme, “brown bagging it” is now unquestionably a thing of the past. The more practice approach is a dual-compartment cooler bag, which can accommodate a well-balanced lunch, and keeps the sandwich and other more delicate items separated from the heavy juice boxes and water bottles I always remember crushing my bag of chips when I opened them at lunchtime.

Promote at Your BBQ with a Dual-Compartment Cooler Bag

The dual-compartment cooler bag Custom Earth Promos offers comes in three attractive contrasting color combinations, and is made with insulated material to ensure the right temperature for food and beverages. It also comes with two insulated, leak-proof compartments for more carrying convenience. The main compartment comes outfitted with leak-proof lining to prevent spillage, and includes a front pocket with Velcro closure for easy access to small utilities. Overall, the dual-compartment cooler bag is a sensible alternative to many high-end trendy children's lunch boxes currently on the market, and is carefully tested according to the California Proposition 65 guidelines to ensure that it contains no harmful additives, a rarity that few competitors include in their product. When choosing your child's next lunch box, look no further than the dual-compartment cooler bag.