Plastic bag bans are becoming more and more common, but they are not the norm. Plastic bags can affect your business, your community, and your bottom line. However, how do you know what to do and where you will feel costs rising? Check out these facts as we approach Earth Day 2021 and want to do our part to help the planet.

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Plastic Bag Bans

Plastic bag bans in California and New York rattled the country and consumers and businesses wondered, “what do we do now?” When this happens, it is because the local government wants to do its part to protect the environment. Some might claim government officials do this for “clout,” but the ban still stands.

Smaller cities and towns have also enacted these bans. Why? They need to save money where they can.

Saving Money

When your business wants to save money, you need to consider internal and external factors that cost you money. Internally, you are going through plastic bags all day every day. This costs money, and it can be difficult to get that money back. Selling reusable or recycled bags helps you make a tiny bit of money while helping your customers enforce the ban in their own households.

In your community, you will start spending more money on taxes. The local government will need to raise money by raising taxes, and that cuts into your bottom line. If that turns out to be a sales tax, customers might travel to communities with lower taxes.

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