People in the United States of America are looking for ways to cut down on the amount of plastic and electronic waste they generate while investing in gadgets such as cell phones and mobile accessories. Most residents are going in for e-recycling and are investing in eco-friendly promotional items for gadgets.

Cell phones come with a lot of stylish and colorful accessories such as phone covers and cases, which are used by many to protect their phones. Some of these cases are flimsy and some are completely unique, but they all are also the cause for increasing levels of pollution in the country.

In order to help protect the environment, mobile phone cases, especially for the iPhone, are being made from earth-friendly materials. Even though the cases and other accessories are wrapped around the exterior of the phone, most eco-minded customers prefer eco-friendly materials used instead of plastic and metal.

Popular Musical Instrument Designers Come up with Green iPhone Cases

Cell phones are a  must-have in today's world especially the iPhone. A company that designs musical instruments in the USA called Twig Case Co. came up with eco-friendly iPhone cases that fit the bill in every respect. Twig Case Co. creates beautiful and incredible artistic earth friendly phone accessories from richlite, which is a paper composite.

iPhone Cases Part of Eco-Friendly Promotional Items List in the US

The phone cases are enhanced with elaborate laser carvings, and look quite beautiful and unique. According to the company's website, the paper composite used is produced from Eucalyptus trees, which are harvested from the responsibly managed forests of Brazil. All these activities are FSC Certified. Once the trees are turned into pulp and converted into paper, richlite is dyed and then baked along with an earth-friendly resin.

Once this process is complete, you get a consistent dense plant product, which doesn't split and is more like bamboo or wood. The solid paper phone cases will not require any varnish, lacquer, mineral oil or any other type of finish. Jon Lucca and John Woodland are the designers of these cases in the United States of America and they say that the natural oil present in the palms of humans is enough to season the wood case over time.

The phone cases can be considered to be fine pieces of art and are surprisingly inexpensive. Custom designs for these sustainable phone cases are available and the starting price is about $49.