Easter is right around the corner. In just under a month, children everywhere will be hunting for plastic eggs full of candy. While this is greener than it sounds, as these eggs are reusable, unfortunately, a lot of people just toss them into the trash when Easter is over.

But what about the chocolate inside? How do you make sure that your candy is eco-friendly? Here are some British brands to stock up on while they are on sale, and you can skip the middleman—these eggs are chocolate!
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Divine Milk Chocolate Popcorn Easter Egg

This egg is exactly what it sounds like. Salted caramel popcorn is actually melted right into the hollow egg's chocolate shell, making this egg extra crunchy. Infused with Madagascan vanilla, this Fairtrade and plastic free product is perfect for the sweet toothed among us. It doesn't come cheap, but you can rest easy knowing that the high price goes to ensuring cocoa, sugar, and vanilla farmers are paid a fair wage.

Get it in the states here, or here in the UK.

The Real Easter Egg Milk Chocolate

This hollow egg is also Fairtrade. Smooth and creamy, this generously sized egg comes from the Meaningful Chocolate Company. Not only is it plastic free but it is also free of palm oil. Another added benefit is that this sustainable business is giving a large portion of profits to charity. Oddly, it also comes with a 24-page story and activity book for the religious among us. The book is all about Jesus and "celebrates the real meaning of Easter."

Find it on this site in the UK and this one in the states.

Original Goupie Easter Egg

If you are looking for something more than just candy, Goupie eggs offer a hand-painted, reusable egg shell box that comes in 36 different designs. Inside are vegan dark chocolate rice crispy bites made from Fairtrade cocoa powder. The box even gives you ideas on how to reuse your egg shell. Unfortunately, it is not plastic free. The bites come in a polypropylene bag to keep them fresh. It is, however, 100 percent recyclable.
Make sure that all of your bags are recyclable by purchasing bags made from recycled materials.

Click on this link to find it in the UK.
(Unfortunately we could not find an American link, but the good news is that Goupie ships all over the world. You can pick any country when inputting your address.)

Hotel Chocolat A Dozen Quail Eggs

No, these are not real Quail eggs. They are an interesting solution to plastic free packaging. Made from the compostable, biodegradable sugarcane byproduct bagasse, this egg container is filled with six different flavors of alcohol-free truffles. From "Nuts about Raspberry" to "Salted Macadamia," these are perfect for sharing, gifting, rationing, or binging!

This link will take you to the UK website.
(Again, an American link couldn't be found, but they also have international delivery.)

So Free Plamil Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

This is the option for those on a budget—and a special diet! This egg is milk, wheat, and gluten free. It is a good option not only for vegans but also celiac patients. The ingredients are all natural, and no plastic or palm oil is used. The egg itself is thin with a light and subtle flavor. This may be due to the low levels of sugar, compared to most Easter candies. This also makes it a healthier option, great for kids. It is also available in vegan white and milk chocolate if you don't like dark."

Check out their entire stock of organic and no sugar added seasonal items on this page.
(Unfortunately, this brand is currently only available in the UK, a very select few other European countries, and Australia, but they are "...interested in developing 'partners in trade' in other countries." You can find a list of countries they already stock with mail order site links on this page.)

Divine Chocolate Orange Easter Egg

Divine does it again! This time, their egg has an orange flavor. The milk chocolate is infused with an aromatic and tangy citrus oil, and just like all of their products, this egg is also Fairtrade and plastic free. To keep it fresh, it is wrapped in a recyclable foil. Divine does have a higher price, but, again, aan added benefit, cocoa producers from Ghana receive sustainable wages and premium to invest in their communities. If you've ever had a Terry's Chocolate Orange, or any other brand of orange shaped chocolate ball, you'll love this egg!

Find it on Divine's UK site in the UK, and this website has international shipping.

Hotel Chocolat Soft-Boiled Easter Egg

Another "imitation" product from Hotel Chocolat. This egg's thick shell is made from their smooth, creamy white chocolate; the yolk on the front is made out of natural yellow coloring. The egg is also available in milk and dark. It comes wrapped in a biodegradable cellulose bag. It is tied with a ribbon and has no artificial colors or flavors. It is perfect for the white chocolate lover in your life!

This is where you can find it in the UK.
(Hotel Chocolat offers international delivery.)