People all across the globe are becoming increasingly aware about the effect that plastic bag usage has on the environment. As a result, more and more environmental activists as well as government agencies are taking proactive steps to help rehabilitate the environment by curtailing the use of plastic.

What Does the Canvas Shopping Bags Report Say?

The Eau Claire grocery stores recently undertook a study in the usage of plastic bags at their outlets. The study was aimed at attaining an 80% reduction in the use of plastic bags at the Eau Claire stores. The study is mooted to cover a timespan, or ‘education' phase, of about 2 years before any level of success is measured in the ability to attain the primary goal, which is to reduce the usage of both - paper bags and plastic bags - by 45%.

The study is being run by The City of Eau Claire's Sustainable Bag Committee that will not only have a look at the progress in their own territory, but will also keep an eye on what other regions have done to tackle the very same problem. The task force would have to come up with views, reports as well as recommendations on what the best possible route would be to reduce the use of paper and plastic shopping bags.

Among the recommendations from the committee were the development of an educational program to help people understand the need to change their habits of bag usage. They have also undertaken the promotion of reusable bags as opposed to the single use ones. Recycling is, as always, one of the most widely used and appreciated methods of helping with plastic wastage.

The report has also provided a detailed phasing strategy in how to tackle the waste problem so that positive discussion can take place.

Why Using Promotional Canvas Shopping Bags Is Better?

Promotional canvas shopping bags are a viable option when it comes to switching from widely used plastic bags. Given the fact that the rate of bio-degeneration of canvas bags is significantly less than that of plastic bags, the primary concern is dealt with to some extent.

Another huge advantage to merchants is the fact that promotional canvas shopping bags do a lot for their reputation in consumer circles. Switching from plastic bags to canvas bags sends a message that your store cares about the environment and is playing its part to help out.