Eco Building Products, Inc. recently launched a very innovative protective solution to protect consumers from accidental fires during the holidays. Considering the fact that the holiday season is around the corner, the company has decided to launch its Eco Christmas Tree Protection product. This product is made using organic materials and is extremely safe to use as well.

Eco Christmas Tree Protection: a unique product

Eco Building Products, Inc is known for producing organic products, but this product, the Eco Christmas Tree Protection, has some innovative features to it. It is compiled using materials that are organic as well as non-toxic in nature. This product has been made using the FRC™ Technology and has a liquid based solution in it. So, the product won't disrupt the soothing look of the Christmas tree, and will protect consumers from accidental fires during the holiday season as well.

The company promotes its eco friendly promotional items

To promote this and other eco friendly products among potential consumers, the company has launched an online forum to sell it. Through this online forum, people can purchase the product immediately and can be prepared for the coming holiday season. The product is sold in spray bottles and each customer will receive 32 of these solution bottles. It costs around $20 and is presently available EcoFireBreak website.

Eco Christmas Tree Protection

Once the consumers receive 32 bottles of the solution, they need to apply it over their Christmas tree. To get optimum results, the entire surface area of the tree needs to be coated with the solution. This would include the branches and the pine needles as well. To make sure the solution reaches all the parts of the tree, the consumers can spray the solution in a distorted fashion. Once the solution is applied, it will dry up in about 8 to 11 hours and the excess will directly flow into the roots of the tree.

According to the president and CEO of Eco Building Products, Inc, Steve Conboy, this product will prove to be extremely beneficial during the holiday season. This spray is made using natural substances, so it will not only protect the trees from fires, but will also fertilize them. Steve adds that people usually buy fertilizers for their Christmas trees, so now they can protect and nourish their trees using a single product. Since the company originally manufactures eco friendly promotional items made out of wood that are treated with solutions to avoid fire accidents, the consumers can depend on the quality of this product as well.