Patagonia: a sparsely populated location at the bottom of South America makes up the southern section of the Andes Mountains. It also has deserts, pampas, grasslands, and coasts on both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Not only is it a geographically diverse area, but it is now also a green vacation location!

Founded in 2001 by two Chilean engineers, Yerko Ivelic and Javier Lopez, EcoCamp Patagonia is a campground comprised of geodesic domes that work with the planet to provide the energy necessary to power them up. The huts are inspired by the native Kaweskar tribe, indigenous to Chilean Patagonia, and their "leave no trace" lifestyle.

Located in Torres del Paine national park, also in Chilean Patagonia, and run by the same people who created Chilean eco-friendly tour operator Cascada Expediciones, these renewable solar and hydraulically powered huts have served as an inspiration and trailblazers in the world of eco-travel. EcoCamp is committed to providing local employment, creating environmental awareness, and they only use locally grown and harvested foods.

Not only is the landscape jaw dropping, but the little huts are beautiful both inside and out. EcoCamp Inside

With several to choose from, all with their own private bathrooms, it's no wonder that EcoCamp was selected as last year's 32nd best hotel in the world and South America's 2nd best hotel by Travel + Leisure. (These votes are compiled from over 300,000 T+L readers!)

While staying at EcoCamp there is no shortage of activities. These include: stargazing, yoga, fly fishing, safaris, and not to mention hiking. Located at the start of many hiking trails, Torres del Paine includes ancient forests, glaciers, lakes, rivers, and fjords. The park is also home to a diverse range of animals, including pygmy owls, burrowing parrots, wild cats, and chingüe.

EcoCamp location

To book your vacation, you can go to Cascada Expediciones' website and view details of the many different Patagonian experiences available. Come visit them in April or May 2018 and receive a free night at a hotel in one of four neighboring cities. You can visit this page to take advantage of this special offer.