Today, children are made aware of ways to protect the environment. Schools are taking the initiative to teach their children a thing or two about how they can help bring about environmental sustainability. Apart from encouraging them to use reusable bags, they are also teaching them about seed papers and other eco-friendly items. With this kind of encouragement, students in some schools are considering starting their own environmentally friendly ventures in the future.

Westchester Senior High School, CA Green Initiative

Students at Westchester Senior High School, California have started an eco-friendly business called The Green Comets, Inc. It was started in November 2011. The company has been established by the department of Special Education in the school. Students of the department have actively taken part in making the launch of this business a success. The staffs here have been known for the different kinds of green initiatives they have taken along with their students in the past few years.

The department has been actively promoting recycling activities that are aimed at making the environment cleaner. Some students that have been a part of this department, Kamron Portier, Lonzorod Record, Alma Belasco, Najai Lowe, Isaac Jones and Joshua Erenmark along with their teachers have brought the business forward. They have taken a step ahead in making the business a success. Besides recycling, it is now involved in promoting reusable items. They are selling reusable bags that are handmade. You can use them for your grocery shopping. Students take part in other kinds of activities like collecting plastic bottles to recycle them, working on making grocery bags and washing aluminum cans, etc. They scour the entire school premises to collect recyclable items. These kinds of activities are aimed at increasing the environmental consciousness of the student body.

What the Westchester Students Have to Say interviewed Joy Bukhardt, a teacher at the department and Alma Belasco, a student representative of the company last week. They found out that the students have a "system" in place that helps them run the business. They make the promotional reusable bags themselves. First, a paper bag pattern is traced on the fabric using chalk. Then, the pattern is cut out with sewing scissors. The patterns are then sewed together and reusable labels are added to them. The labels are made from cereal boxes. The company got an opportunity to sell the products recently. Their reusable bags were sold at 'build a garden, grow a community' event that was held in Westchester. The students got to display their business skills in the event where they advertised the products of The Green Comet, Inc to their prospective customers and carried out business transactions with them. This event helped them to gain public exposure.

What the Future holds for The Green Comet, Inc

The company is still in its initial stages of growth according to the students. They are aiming at making the company a success. Also, they are expecting a boom in their business in the near future. Many patterns of reusable bags are sold by the company at $5. The bags are not only environmentally friendly, they are also stylish. The company is open to business transactions and you can buy from them anytime you want.