In today's time, energy efficiency is an indicator of a responsible society. Eco-friendly products need not be limited to small items that can be carried, as proved by a new luxury eco-friendly apartment building in New Jersey.

Eco-Friendly Apartments up for Rent

Buildings are often an uncalculated drain on natural resources. While individual homes and tenants live a responsible life, the eco-cost of common utilities and facilities offered by the building are overlooked. A green building is not just one that offers a patch of lawn or outdoor areas. A green building is one that is as attuned to environment preservation as the individuals living in them.

Some methods in which buildings can truly be green are by paying attention to the materials used for construction, by incorporating methods of lower energy consumption and by lowering their burden on the city resources.

New Jersey Mayor Steve Fulop has been a champion of environmentally-friendly buildings. He had even asked the city-planning department to pursue this with dedication. To his delight, BNE Real Estate Group responded by building a luxury apartment building of 11 floors. The building Warren at York was built using recycled materials and has 139 apartments.

Warren at York boasts of a green roof that enables the entire structure to cool down. As a result it will help in increasing efficiencies in the energy consumption of every individual unit, particularly in air-conditioning. Also, there is facility to collect rainwater in an underwater storm water retention basin. This seemingly small measure will help lighten the pressure in the sewage system of the city.

Located in the Paulus Hook neighborhood at 120 York St., Warren at York is just a few blocks away from the Exchange Place PATH station. The rents range from $2,100 to $5,000 a month.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint in Your Eco-Friendly Apartment

Eco-friendly products are the way of and for the future. Whether using eco-friendly promotional items or switching to eco-friendly lifestyles, creating a harmonious balance with the environment is essential.

Ask yourself: would you rather use plastic that is currently choking the earth or would you use something that is environment-friendly and bio-degradable? Undoubtedly, environment-friendly bio-degradable products win hands down. Another question: would you rather work in an environmentally responsible organization or one that just gobbles up resources? The first option, right?

Truly, unless mankind makes an effort towards conservation, it is likely that environmental resources may get so depleted that mankind cannot exist.