Non-woven shopping bags from Custom Earth Promos can benefit your business in many ways. Our eco-friendly bags allow you to advertise your business while maintaining a minimal environmental impact. Emblazon your logo on the bag and take it to trade shows, conventions, or just hand them out to potential clients! Whether you need a simple logo or a grand, complex design, we can reproduce your logo faithfully on our bags. You also get to choose from many different non-woven materials.

Businesses that only invest money in poor quality marketing materials end up damaging their brand image and squandering potential opportunities. Our bags show finesse and attention to detail, so your company's name won't end up in the trash, littering the halls, or stuffed in the back of somebody's closet. We use fine materials, with a thickness of up to 100 GSM. They look great, carry comfortably, and wash easily.

We understand that cost is something that many businesses worry about when creating their promotional materials. Many choose to skimp out on quality to cut down on costs. With our non-woven shopping bags, this isn't a problem! Prices start at just 34 cents per unit to allow your company to get quality promotional materials at prices you can truly afford. We do this by cutting out intermediaries and keeping overhead low for our business and yours! Our factory-direct product allows us to be self-sufficient, and our lightweight products cut down on shipping costs. In addition, our eco-friendly bags keep shipping costs down allowing us to get the product to you cheaper.

Placing your order with us for non-woven shopping bags will allow your company to take an environmentally friendly stand with its products. Our bags are made from recycled and 100% reusable plastic, use minimal oil and water, and cut down on the accumulation of plastic waste in landfills. There is also hardly any greenhouse gas emission associated with their production. Demonstrating an eco-friendly position to your customers will win the respects of many. Besides non-woven plastic bags, you can choose from other natural materials including jute, organic cotton, and bamboo. Increase your promotional edge with high quality, good looking, and eco-friendly bags!