Have you ever thought that the generic pieces of plastic that you buy for your kids and call ‘toys' are impersonal and not very good for them? If this thought has ever crossed your mind, here is your chance to get something different for your children - Cloud Kissed Kids. This new rage of customized toys by owner and designer Terje Jaamann is slowly becoming the rage.

All about Cloud Kissed Kids and Eco-Friendly Toys

Cloud Kissed Kids was born because one mom-to-be got frustrated as she could not find any eco-friendly toys in a ‘green' room for her yet to be born daughter. This meant that the Estonian native Terje Jaamann, who has a background in interior design and hospitality decided to start her own business designing such stuff for kids and their parents. Today, Terje and Cloud Kissed Kids offer designer artisanal toys, decorative pieces, puppets, books, gifts, crafts, room decor, bedding and clothing from all over the world. The Cloud Kissed Kids range also contains recycled blankets, crayons made of honey or soy, finger paints free of chemicals for infants, and natural playdough.

All the products offered by Cloud Kissed Kids are completely free of chemicals and are made with natural substances and natural paints. Kids love the toys and also get to learn more about the environment and how it needs protection, They also learn what they can do to contribute. Terje also organizes special monthly special events where kids can participate in various competitions and also enjoy activities such as storytelling, learning crafts, recycling old books and toys to make new play things for themselves and their friends. Recently Terje has also introduced her new Kids Room Design Service where parents and kids can get together and design their own room using products and ideas from the Cloud Kissed Kids collection.

Eco-Friendly Toys Can Be Used for Creating Plastic Waste Awareness

Cloud Kissed Kids are not just personal and warm, they also get kids into the habit of using organic and eco-friendly products from an early age. If this piques your child's interest in such products, why not let them explore more. Get some more eco-friendly promotional items for them and let them learn more about such items. You can even get them eco-friendly bags, stationery, and other school items that will help them stand out from there peers and also make them realize that caring for the environment is a ‘cool' thing to do which is not just restricted to boring lectures.