Essential Safe Products, the eco-friendly company that exclusively deals with eco-friendly products, recently changed its name to ‘Wild Mint'. The company took this move to represent its products and image in a better way. The company has been in business since September 2011 and provides toxin-free, eco-friendly products.

Change of Name to Promote an Eco-Friendly Company

Initially, the company dealt on a small scale and provided only kitchen items and water bottles. All these products were free from all sorts of toxins. Today, the company has come a long way and operates in various categories like beauty and body, lunch gear, babies and kids, lifestyle, along with kitchen as well as home items. The company aims to expand by highlighting its message of being eco friendly. It also plans to educate people about the danger associated with chemical filled products that they use in their day to day life.

President of the company, Hannah Helsabeck said that though many people are aware of the negative impact of toxic products, many are still clueless about it. She added that the goal of the company is to educate people by giving them resources that will help them in learning about the negative impact of toxic products on the planet and their bodies.

With its exclusive eco friendly range of products, Wild Mint tries to teach the negative effects of toxic materials used in products like plastics. The company highlights the advantages of using safer and better options like stainless steel, glass, bamboo, as well as organic cotton. The research team at Wild Mint selects only those products that are safe for the planet and also toxin-free. The company wishes to be one stop store by covering all the essential products.

There are a few chemicals that have very harmful effects on the body. Wild Mint makes sure that it does not use any of these chemicals in its range of products. Bisphenol-A is one such chemical that can cause reproductive problems like miscarriages, infertility, and also developmental problems. Phthalates, which is used as a plastic hardener can cause obesity and severe damage to asthmatic as well as allergic patients.

Better Lifestyle With an Eco-Friendly Company

With increasing awareness, people have been opting for eco friendly promotional items. This step has not only made lives simpler for people, but has also helped the environment to a great extent. Wild Mint is doing its bit to make people aware of the benefits of using eco friendly products.