Following its acquisition of Adco Cleaning Products LLC, Equinox Chemicals has recently announced a partnership with Albany State University. In this partnership, the two organizations will be working together for the promotion of an Eco-friendly detergent manufactured by Adco. This laundry product, called “Adco Eco”, is currently not in the market.

The Global Soap Project for Eco-Friendly Detergent

The CEO of Equinox, Mark Grimaldi, is an avid supporter of environmentally-safe products and their distribution. He said that his company plans on revolutionizing laundry products and creating new market channels both nationally and internationally. He expressed his pride in getting the chance to work with a reputable institution like ASU. Their mutual support of the Global Soap Project further strengthens their unity.

The Global Soap Project helps poverty-stricken countries by distributing soap and laundry products. The products distributed are recycled soap from hotels. Over 1000 hotels participate in this project and at least 23 countries are under its aid.

ASU declared that its partnership with Equinox will help increase the involvement of Albany State in growing businesses and environmental issues. It also plans on creating more jobs for Albany and the rest of the world.

Partnership Aims to Influence Distribution of Eco-Friendly Detergent

Equinox is an organization that aims at revitalizing the laundry and cleaning chemical industry. They have made their mark nationally by producing chemicals that are safe for the environment. The new partnership between two environmentally-conscious organizations will promote the production and distribution of eco friendly promotional items. By producing biodegradable, eco-friendly dry-cleaning chemicals and solvents, Equinox plans on making an impact in the global laundry products market.

With its main aim being the adoption of environmentally-safe chemicals in cleaning products, the Adco division of Equinox has created this innovative new detergent – Adco Eco. Equinox's partnership with ASU will help bring Adco Eco to the market. The product is scheduled for a test launch in the upcoming ASU homecoming weekend. The faculty advisor of Albany State University expressed the local Enactus chapter's excitement in joining this project. She said that the partnership will be profitable for the entire ASU community.

Adco Eco will be marketed using the University's own resources. Before starting with retailers, an attempt will be made to try and get the product into a system under the University of Georgia. The President of Albany State University announced that this venture will benefit both organizations.