If you are a fashionista who also feels deeply for the environment, here is something that will delight you. A whole new range of eco-friendly fabrics is being designed by some of the designers in New York. These talented designers also organized EcoFest Fashion Show in Times Square recently.

Fashion Goes Eco-Friendly and Stylish as Well

The program had 15 designers who were joined by 10 additional designers. The show featured 8 accessory collections, 5 boy's, children's, and men's line plus 12 women's collection.

This nature-friendly initiative was the effort of Leigh Wallace. Leigh, who was an off-price merchant, was happy with her job in the fashion industry. Soon after, she started wondering about the effect of all her purchases on the environment. Right from fabric production to shipping of the garments, everything seemed to have been marring the environment in some way or the other. Finally on her hiking trip in New Zealand, she noticed the amount of ice that had melted over the years and realized that she needs to help in saving the environment in any possible manner.

Soon after this eye-opening trip, she got herself enrolled in one of those fashion designing schools which focuses on making the use of environment-friendly fibers. Here, she learned the new way of dazzling the ramp. She started using organic cotton, recycled materials, and other nature-friendly products for her designs.

Wallace explained that eco fashion has a much deeper meaning for her than just making the use of eco-friendly fabric for her designs. She aims at expanding this idea in the whole market. Apart from using eco-friendly fabrics and materials, she also does her best to keep the carbon footprint low. To ensure this, she makes use of local products themselves.

She further explained this initiative as a group of like-minded people who are doing their bit for the environment. They are doing it by making local but quality clothes and by reducing the carbon imprint. In addition to that, they also support the local community.

Use of Eco-Friendly Promotional Items While Fashion Goes Eco-Friendly Too

The concept of eco-friendly fashion is still new for many people. To get more people into buying nature-friendly clothes, eco-friendly promotional items can be used. This way there will be an increase in the awareness regarding the concept. Apart from that the designers and the industry too will benefit as this will make them popular among the masses.

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