Eco-friendly home construction is impacting home prices. Everyone wants to do their part for the environment, and that’s why there are a few tips for being eco-friendly at home. As you build a home and do your part for the planet, you can lay out that home for efficiency and green living.

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Eco-Friendly Home Prices Rising

The price of eco-friendly housing is continually rising. Industry analysts recently said that the green housing market could remain bullish if pricing was capped. Why? It simply costs a lot more to build an eco-friendly home. As a result, the cost to insurance these homes rises. The rebuilding costs alone skyrocket.

However, a green home is safer for the planet, using more recycled materials. The house can also be designed to be as green as possible. Improved technology can keep the house more comfortable, cut down on energy consumption, etc.

Add Solar Power

If you add solar power to a green home, it gets more expensive. You can recover energy from the sun. The house uses that energy to cut back or eliminate your power bill. Plus, you can sell that power back to the power company at a profit.

However, the cost to install solar panels is high. Insuring those panels is even more expensive. Thus, a green home benefits you in the long term but saps your wallet in the short term.

Eco-Friendly Home Management

You can manage a green home using an app-based thermostat. Try home automation to cut back on energy and water consumption. Recover rainwater with a filter on your roof. Compost out back. Use LED lights to reduce energy bills. A modern roof allows for more airflow, reducing utility bills. Modern appliances use less power. Efficient HVAC systems are smaller, use less power and still keep the house comfortable.

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