It is the holiday season, and there is a nip in the air, and excitement all around. People are busy making preparations to celebrate Christmas, some planning the gifts they wish to give, and some making eco-friendly home decoration for their homes. This is the time when warmth and cheer are spread with enthusiasm and hope.

Celebrate This Christmas with Eco-Friendly Home Decoration

A marked difference in this year's flourish of festive activities reflects the increasing need to preserve nature, and protect the environment. Everyone seems to be chipping in any way they can contribute towards a safe and clean environment, with the emphasis on the need to keep the planet green. There is a new way to spread warmth and cheer in your homes without using up too much energy. One option is to choose candles that are slightly different from the traditional ones you are used to. Ask specifically for the ones that are made without using any byproduct of petroleum, like paraffin, and ones that produce least soot. The new candles also have wicks that are free of lead or zinc. As per U.S. environmental agency studies, the traditional candles with such toxic products can pollute the air beyond the permissible limits, causing you harm without your knowledge.

Another favorite that is an inevitable part of any Christmas celebration is the mistletoe, which is believed to create those special moments of bonding at home. However, the truth is that over 20 varieties of mistletoe have already made it to the endangered species list. So, take care while selecting a twig for yourself, and make sure you pick one of the two that are native to the United States. However, consolation lies in the fact that there are over 1,300 varieties that still exist.

Go for Eco-Friendly Home Decorations This Festive Season

No holiday season can be complete without a family gathering in front of the traditional hearth. However, real fires have long since been replaced with gas fires, and one hardly ever comes across a log fire anymore. This is one step towards conserving trees; however, the other option with gas fires is to use fire glass. A product of glass crystals that is devoid of any toxins, glass fires help preserve the heat for longer periods. While it doesn't actually burn, it produces more heat than wood, and is smokeless and odorless, making it the perfect choice for a group of people celebrating in confined space. With the clock already ticking, and the increasing awareness about global warming reaching most homes, it is time to switch to eco-friendly promotional itemsthis season.