Make It Right is a charity organization founded and operated by Brad Pitt, the Hollywood actor. He recently formed an alliance with other NPOs for a friendly and cooperative competition. The competition has been designed to identify the best design of the storm resistant home to rebuild hurricane impacted Queens.

Eco-Friendly Homes for a Noble Cause

The award winning design is to be known as the Resilient House. This house which is to be built in the Rockaways neighborhood, will cost approximately $50,000 and will be built by Make It Right. One lucky family will be awarded this house by Friends of the Rockaways, a charitable organization.

The Resilient House has several innovative features. Historically, Rockaways is filled with iconic bungalows, while the Resilient House will be a modern twist to it. The Resilient House is to be equipped with several eco friendly features. The house will be naturally lit all year round with the split roof. In addition, there will be insulated windows. One of the great features of the house is that it needs neither cooling nor heating systems to maintain the comfortable level of temperature. In other words, the house is naturally comfortable to live in. The house will be comfortable to live in even when the power goes out.

This is indeed a noble deed for a noble cause for the victims of devastating storms. Several organizations are involved in rebuilding, restoring, and building houses for storm devastated families. However, the Resilient House is distinguished by its innovative eco friendly features. The St Bernard Project is another organization involved with this project. They have the experience of building hundreds of homes post devastating storms in the southern US. The sustainable resilient home is best suited for those who cannot afford their own architect. There are several storm proof, environmentally-friendly home designs apart from Resilient House available to choose from.

Supporting the Cause with Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

The environment we inhabit and share is the common legacy bequeathed to us by past generations, and it is the duty of the present generation to leave it in a healthy shape for generations to come. This can be best achieved by eco friendly promotional items because they do not damage the environment. In addition, there is something to be said about our consumption pattern which has brought about environmental devastation and health problems. By consuming the resources rationally and shifting our dependence from conventional to unconventional, we can go a long way in containing the environmental damage.