Your house reflects the kind of personality you have. However you don't need to get the best art pieces or expensive house decoration items to make it look good. You can opt for eco-friendly house ideas to ensure that your home does not become a burden on earth but instead helps it. If you think going eco-friendly with designing your house will be time consuming and expensive, you will be glad to know that it is actually the opposite of that.

Simple Eco-Friendly House Ideas That Can Make a Difference

The foundation of your house is what keeps it strong and sturdy for years. But did you know that you don't need to stick to the usual way of creating foundation which involves making a huge crater in the land? Instead you can try digging small holes for pilings that can help in supporting your house. Once you are done with the foundation, begins the construction process. To ensure that your house remains environment friendly, you will have to use repurposed and sustainable materials during the process of building it. Wood that is sustainably harvested is a good option. Recycled building materials like old barn doors and corks are also a good source.

The kind of paints you choose for adding vibrancy to your house can actually take off life from earth. So be careful with the type of paint you choose. Typical household paints are said to contain lots of toxins and certain chemicals that have even been linked with cancer. Volatile organic compounds found in paints are among the most harmful chemicals. You can go for paints that are free from VOC or have a low amount of it.

Another simple way in which you can make your house ‘green' is by designing angled windows for it. Such windows with glass panels fixed at the base allow a lot of breeze to come in which can in turn allow you to save on air conditioning.

Using Eco-Friendly Promotional Items in Your Eco-Friendly House

If you cannot follow these eco-friendly ideas, one simple thing that you can do is use eco-friendly promotional items. These items are a quick and affordable way of adding sustainability to your house. You will come across many eco-friendly promotional items in the market, so you have a variety of options to choose from. Most companies are making it a point to make such items available as they not only prove beneficial for them from the point of view of sales but also help in keeping the environment green and safe.