The experts in Fort Belvoir are requesting the residents to use eco-friendly methods so as to maintain their garden grass. Garden grass grows very well in summer. But experts feel that if the people use organic materials to nourish their gardens, the grass will survive for a longer period of time.

The Importance of Maintaining Garden Grass in Specific Seasons

According to experts, grass needs varying attention with regard to the seasons. The Natural Resource Specialist in the Fort Belvoir Natural Resource division, Brice Bartley, stated that people have a lot of misconceptions about their regular gardening practices, and instead of nourishing their gardens, they lower the lifespan of their plants.

Bartley stated that people tend to over-water their gardens, especially in the summer season, which hampers the quality of their grass. According to experts, water needs to be used efficiently in the garden, as it evaporates at a fast rate and leaves salts in the soil. The presence of a lot of salt can degrade the quality of soil over a period of time, and it can also develop cracks in the landscaping of the garden.

The Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Promotional Items on Your Garden Grass

According to Bartley, if the people want their gardens to look lush and green throughout the summer season, they should install irrigation systems in their garden. An irrigation system is a better option than sprinklers as it uses water more efficiently. In addition to this, an irrigation system has better coverage than sprinklers.

Additionally, experts feel that people should use eco friendly promotional items such as organic manure and organic pesticides to enhance the quality of the plants and grass in their garden. Organic manure is available easily, and it can be made by composting waste as well. So the residents can either buy or prepare their own organic manure on the basis of their needs.

If people want to add new plants to their garden in the summer season, they should consider buying organic seeds. Organic seeds require lesser levels of fertilizers, and they don't have any side effects on the quality of the soil as well. So they are a much better option than chemically treated seeds. While maintaining their garden grass, people need to make sure that they don't use invasive grass seeds, as these seeds grow very quickly and they are extremely hard to maintain as well.