Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the U.S. dedicated to honoring and remembering those who died while serving in our country's armed forces and it's right around the corner which means you probably have a long weekend of fun festivities planned with your friends and family.

But if you're playing it by ear or are stuck for ideas on what to do, why not try one or more of these eco-friendly activities?

Plan a Staycation With Your Family

Are you one of those families who have traveled all over but haven't really explored your own backyard? Instead of traveling far for the three-day weekend, why not take advantage of the great places that are right on your doorstep? Be a tourist in your own town and check out the sights, history, and museums. Or pack a picnic (in reusable bags and containers, of course) and head to the park.

Planning a staycation with your family as opposed to flying somewhere or driving far, will help reduce your carbon footprint, especially if you are able to bike or walk to the weekend activities you have in-store.

Host an Eco-Friendly Holiday Party

Throw an eco-friendly get-together, BBQ, or block party. Start with paperless invites – Evite and Paperless Post are two great options. Ask your guests to bring their food and drink in eco-friendly reusable bags and containers and be sure to use plates and utensils that can be used again. No paper or plastic allowed!

You can even go as far as asking your guests to make meatless dishes or sustainable meals using local ingredients. Don't forget to ask them to wear red, white, and blue (or a combination of all three).

Plant a Tree in Someone's Honor

Do you know someone who is or has been in the armed forces? Or perhaps you just want to honor all of those who have served? Either way, given everything they have sacrificed and done for our country and our freedom, why not honor them by planting a tree in their name or memory? It's a fun, eco-friendly activity for the whole family to take part in. And if the tree is taken care of and watered properly, it will grow and last for generations to come and enjoy each and every Memorial Day.