Thoughtless destruction of the earth led to a near apocalyptic situation. Awareness of the damage has birthed active efforts as well as movements to stem further damage and return its glory to the environment. Only going green can keep green going. A notable illustration of this effort is Plaza Tavern in Madison, Wisconsin.

Plaza Tavern's Eco-Friendly Operations

When it comes to businesses, active and widespread eco-friendly operations are often considered the domain of mega-sized corporations. Most local businesses do their bit by not using plastic, but are not aware of other ways of contributing to the larger cause. Sustain Dane, a non-profit organization, steps in to fill the knowledge and innovation gap in the area of sustainability. The eco-enthusiastic organization offers various solutions to local businesses to promote sustainable practices.

A tavern is an unlikely suitor for sustainability practices, but Plaza Tavern is not your regular tavern. Constantly redefining itself, the popular hangout embraces responsible innovative initiatives. The owner, Dean Hetue, and staff of the Plaza Tavern adopted Sustain Dane's year-long MPower Business Champion Program that trains staff towards eco-friendly behavior. It also identifies specific areas in which a business can implement environment friendly changes.

Using MPower training and guidelines, the Plaza executed a number of eco-friendly projects. It first switched to LED lights in the facility. LED consumes far less energy than fluorescent lighting. While the macro benefit of this change is a lower carbon footprint; the micro benefit is reduced electricity bills. The second project was encouraging local products. Under this initiative 85 percent of the Plaza's brews and foods are locally-sourced.

The other drives that the Plaza has undertaken are waste-composting and evangelizing the mantra of sustainability. By composting its own waste, the Plaza will reduce 90 percent of the waste that it would add to the landfill. As a part of its evangelizing, new menus that showcase their partners in sustainability are in order.

Why Companies Should Use Eco-Friendly Operations?

Plaza Tavern and Sustain Dane are great examples of the revolutionizing the planet. The selfish use of finite natural resources has destroyed the environment to an enormous extent. The world has woken up to the need for conserving the environment for future. Green businesses are finding a greater number and more loyal customers.

It is important that companies that use sustainable practices make this fact known by using eco-friendly promotional items also. Such items can range from packaging to giveaway products. The two-pronged benefit of such promotional items is that they establish the company as a responsible entity and promote green habits.