We have all heard about rainwater harvesting, planting more trees and using reusable bags to make the environment cleaner and safer. Did you know that there are now many more eco-friendly promotional items that can also be used for commercial purposes and forward the green revolution? Read on to know more about green printers!

People Have Many Options When Trying to Reuse and Recycle

Many establishments have been trying to find the best printer suitable for their needs to print different materials in a creative and cost-effective manner. Now, there are ways to make the process more trendy and eco-friendly at the same time by choosing the right printer as well as the right kind of paper and inks to make them environment-friendly too! Graphic designers and printing shops are in high demand because every business establishment would like to get something printed at various times for – business cards, brochures, newsletters and so on So it would be best if firms did a little research about the equipment and products they use, discuss alternatives and their costs with their clients and then proceed. Some of the questions they must ask are:

1. Printers that are preset to provide accurate printouts in PDF format instead of proofs would be preferable.
2. Make sure you enter all the commands correctly at the beginning to printing errors can be avoided and there is less usage of electricity, paper, and ink.
3. Are the printers manufactured and shipped in an eco-friendly manner? If not, switch to these that do fit these bills.
4. Use chlorine-free, recyclable and tree-free paper.
5. Can the printer use alternate energy and save on electricity?
6. Are the inks, press wash, and coatings low in VOC content and toxic-free?
7. Are the printer manufacturing companies disposing of the waste in an environment-friendly manner?

FSC or IS14000 certified printers are the best to invest in because they would have already deal with all these above-mentioned green measures to get the certification.

Show Your Clients Your Commitment to Saving the Environment

Process-less printing plates, VOC-free inks and solvents and tree -free papers are just some ways the printing process can be made eco-friendly. Most people know about the dangers that lie ahead if the environment is not saved now. There are many sources of toxic wastes lying in heaps all around so every little measure need to be implemented in personal and professional spheres to protect the environment. Companies should try to promote an organic lifestyle by using eco-friendly promotional items.