Business ideas originate from needs and demands. Currently, there is a huge demand for eco friendly promotional items. A brand new business goes by the name Trash-It Now. This business offers companies and individuals a rental dumpster for recycle and trash collection. The man behind this business is Darren DeSilva.

Eco-Friendly Rental Dumpster on the Wheels

Darren DeSilva, the man behind Trash-It Now is also the one who is well known for his water delivery business that goes by the name Water Now. His customers can order for water online and also make online payments. They do not need to meet a water trucker offline.

According to DeSilva, this business model makes it much easier for people and it was not difficult to use the same approach for trash collection and recycling. It is commonly observed that a number of commercial organizations pay to dispose off their waste mixed with recyclables by tons, so this came as a wonderful opportunity to go green and recycle.

The 2013 was the opportunity that this company accessed to enter into the recycle business along with the dumpster. Trash-It Now is different from their competitors in several ways. Their medium sized dumpster is 20 percent bigger than their competitors'. In addition, their full sized dumpster both delivers and collects with one vehicle. In other words, they will use just one vehicle for both delivery and collection. Their heavyweight truck is larger than the others in the same business with HD hook lift and custom UD3300. Moreover, the truck is green.

Prior to this business, Water Now had already proved excellent, so the company replicated the same success model in the new business. The company prides in unparalleled customer service and also in their integrity and honesty. The key to successful model of their business is effective use of technology.

Rental Dumpster Filled with Eco-Friendly Recycled Items

To spread awareness of green among people, it is imperative that the eco friendly promotional items are used to the maximum extent possible. For instance, Darren DeSilva's Trash-It NOW is an excellent effort in the right direction. When families and companies use and promote eco-friendly promotional items, others are also motivated to serve the cause. In addition, if the cost of going green is less than the use of convention items, there is an added incentive in going green.