Our over reliance on plastic has become a very serious concern with regards to the sustainability of our environment. It is important to change a few aspects of our lifestyle decisions to bring in a change. Our excessive reliance on plastic bags has become an ecological issue all over the planet as plastic bags takes hundreds of years to decompose. Towns, counties and states all over the country have taken the issue rather seriously in their attempts to prevent the use of plastic bags through laws and ordinances that ban them.

Make Your Own Seed Pots

Seed pots, commercially available in the plastic variety, are useful tools for growing plants. However, there are a number of do-it-yourself options when it comes to seed pot usage that are much better in an environmental sense.

Pots can be created with the help of a number of regular household materials. For instance, regular newspaper can act as one of the best seed pot materials as it is biodegradable. Plants in growing in newspaper pots can also be easily transferred into the soil when the seed matures. Newspaper also allows the roots of the seed to break through it when they are strong enough.

Coffee ‘to-go' cups, especially the ones with the transparent covers, are also highly regarded as options for seed pots. The paper cups are large and thick enough for you to use a lot of soil to plant the seeds. When you are transferring the sprouted seed to soil, you can even crush the paper cups and use them as part of your compost pile. Paper towels, yogurt cups and egg trays are also hugely popular for this purpose.

Grow Plants in Seed Pots with Seed Paper

While the most obvious advantage of using seed paper is that it is very eco-friendly, another advantage is that it is very customizable. Using seed paper is a simple and fun way to plant trees.

There has been a major surge in the popularity of seed paper use in the US.. Depending on the variety of seeds used, seed paper can be crafted to appear in different ranges of thickness, color and textures. Major conglomerates all over the nation have realized that seed paper can be effectively used for a variety of their stationary needs apart from eco-friendly causes, while also promoting the company as a green one.