Thales is planning to supply Vodafone with an eco-friendly SIM card. This is just one step in making mobile technology a little safer for the environment. When you think of how to improve your operations, remember that you can take your own steps to go green.

You can visit Custom Earth Promos, take a look at your eco-promo options, recycled bags, reusable products like bamboo bags, and much more. You can learn more here about how making your business sustainable and eco-friendly can make you a leader in your industry, similar to Vodafone’s initiative.

The Vodafone Eco-Friendly SIM Card

Vodafone announced that Thales is going to produce its eco-friendly SIM card. As part of the deal, the cards will be made from recycled refrigerators. The plan will save 20,000 tons of plastic every year. This is just one step that helps make mobile phones more eco-friendly.

Idemia does the same thing. As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, it is producing an eco-friendly SIM card that aims to reduce consumption.

Find Your Own Eco-Friendly SIM Card

As business owner, manager, or community leader, you can find your own eco-friendly SIM card. Look into something that makes your business or community just a little bit greener. Do you own a coffee shop? How about reusable coffee cups? Your customers get a much more personalized experience, and if they want to take their coffee home, sell reusable coffee tumblers.

Rethink How You Consume

Take the next step by thinking of how you can reuse, recycle, etc. You can change the face of your business by cutting out programs that overuse resources. Some businesses might encourage your customers to recycled or reuse more. You can go with reusable shopping bags. Some companies replace plastic with paper. They all found their own SIM card.

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Find your own SIM card initiative. You can make a difference with your business and in the community with just one small change. Plus, you can encourage your customers to do the same.