There are times when you feel very frustrated for not having any power outlet available for charging your phone battery which is at the verge of dying. You might be having an excellent time outdoors and clicking some great pictures on your phone when the battery drains out. At such times,what you need is a charger which charges your phone from sources other than electricity.

Charge Your Phone with Solar Energy

You might have come across solar chargers as an eco-friendly alternative to conventional chargers. They are quite useful and dependable when you have to stay outdoors for long hours. The problem with these chargers is that they stop charging once you remove them from direct sunlight. For instance, if you are driving and need to cross a tunnel, your charger will stop working. Or if you are outdoors and a cloud comes overhead, your charger will stop working. However, once the shade goes away, charging does not resume - you need to unplug and reconnect your charger to resume charging. This is quite inconvenient.

Another problem with these chargers is that these chargers are not compatible with all devices. This means you need to carry multiple chargers for multiple devices. Also, most of the chargers sold as eco-friendly promotional items are actually not compatible with Apple's devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod.

StrongVolt is a pioneer brand in solar chargers and has brought a breakthrough change in the portable solar charging field. It has come up with a new SmartCharger. It has a new SunTrack technology which enables it to resume charging after the connection is disrupted due to shade or clouds. This means you never need to keep checking whether your device is charging or not. What's more, the new model of the charger is fully compatible with all Apple devices. There is an integrated switch which you can use to choose the device you want to charge and the charger automatically outputs the proper amount of power to the device.

Best Use of an Eco-Friendly Promotional Charger

Present times demand that more and more eco-friendly products must be used to save electricity as well as to protect the planet. Moreover, when you are outdoors, such devices are practical and easy to maintain compared to devices which need electricity to function.

Business organizations as well as environment conscious individuals and organizations must use and promote eco-friendly products and practices. Organizations can make it mandatory for their employees to use such products or distribute eco-friendly promotional items among their customers as complementary gifts. They can even give such products to their employees as gifts on festivals or occasions like Earth Day.